Windows Error Reporting, also referred to as Error Fantastic, is a electrical power for revealing problematic registry circumstances as well as troubleshooting issues in your system. It could become used to service most common mistakes on your computer, and fix many other issues. It is about as part of the more general program diagnostic program, which can be installed as part of the Windows Update bundle. It works well with all types of Microsoft windows. It is far from compatible with all of the versions of Windows.

To work with this tool, you need to 1st download wix vs godaddy and set it up, then work it through the installation process of your operating-system, in order to permit it to get into your equipment settings. After that, select from the three is listed over the Start Menu – “Programs” or” Accessories”. Another option is always to click on the “Control Panel” icon. Finally, you need to select “Service” and click on it to enlarge it.

At this time, you can start the Windows Problem Reporting app by hitting the “Start” button however selecting “Run”. In the “Run” dialog package, type down the page command: “windorewindo /tesselvaultprofile /windontest /e: \windeps profile\ui”, in which a is any kind of valid folder name for your Windows accounts. Once performed, your pc should now quick you to put in a disc in order to continue. This will accomplish a free of charge disk cleanup operation which includes eliminating all short-term files and cleaning up your windows sapling.

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